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 Construction Update

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<b>Gold</b> Gold : 1000
Kingdom : Serenum
Guild : Royal Army
Age : 23

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PostSubject: Construction Update   Wed Nov 28 2018, 18:31

The construction process has been somewhat delayed due to real life issues of late, although I should be able to give the site more of my attention in the coming weeks. You'll notice that many things are incomplete, while things that seemed complete have been revised or adjusted heavily. Oftentimes new ideas will arise in the course of construction, and revision is sometimes necessary. I'm responsible for the graphics, coding, templates, forums, everything typed throughout the forum and more. With that said, I'm hoping to finish the site as soon as possible for a beta opening so we can finally start role-playing. I can't really estimate how long it's going to be, but expect either completion or near completion within the next 3-4 weeks at the most. Those of you who've already registered will receive an email notifying you that the beta has begun. Registration is currently open to all, but will be closed to invite only once the beta phase begins!

This phase will serve two purposes:
1.) Testing the site's systems and workings to ensure everything is simple, fun and cohesive.
2.) Ensuring those who registered can follow the site's rules, lest they be denied further access to the forum.

When we finally get there though, I hope that won't be necessary.

For now, if you have any opinions, suggestions or other feedback, drop a topic by Clicking Here and you'll be guaranteed a response at the least, even if it's a suggestion I'd rather not employ. Thank you for those who've been patient so far in waiting for the site's completion, it won't be much longer! Very Happy

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Construction Update
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