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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat 3 Nov - 17:54

  1. Staff Supremacy
    The word of staff is the law of the land. If an Administrator or Moderator says it is so then it is so. No arguments. If you feel you have a solid case as to why that member of staff is wrong, submit it to the Owner and leave it be. Those who are staff have been selected for a reason.
  2. No Harassment
    Do not harass, bully or otherwise expose other members to an unsavory experience in any way. If you're found to be causing a persistent disturbance, you will be warned and subsequently punished if your behavior does not change.
  3. No Advertising
    No advertising outside of the Advertisements section. This is strictly enforced. Do not link to other role-playing forums in the chatbox, over private messages or anywhere on the board outside of the designated area.
  4. No SPAM
    SPAM is not permitted in any capacity. While posting games, which are generally regarded as spam, are perfectly acceptable, meaningless posts that serve no purpose or detract from the original topic will be deleted and the poster may be warned.
  5. No Exploitation
    Attempts to abuse any system through the exploitation of any site or role-play mechanic will not be tolerated. Your IC actions may be rendered void and the system will be fixed so that it can not be abused again. If you find an exploit, please let an Administrator know through private message. Those who report enough exploits to be fixed will receive the 'Game Debugger' award.
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General Rules
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