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 The Nine Divines

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PostSubject: The Nine Divines   Wed Oct 24 2018, 23:43

- Lux (God of Light) -
Lux is the God of Light, the Sun and the Stars. He upholds a consistent standard of Justice that transcends cultural barriers. The ideals of individual liberties and defense of the innocent. Gods he consistently clashes with are Umbras and Pyrus, oftentimes because he disagrees with the actions and behavior of their followers.

Lux (God of Light):

- Umbras (Goddess of Darkness) -
Umbras is the Goddess of Darkness, the Moon and Death. She believes in nothing less than taking what you want, when you want it and being true to your most carnal desires. In similar fashion to Lux, she upholds her standard as the one true way and is more than willing to meddle in the affairs of the races if it means furthering her own goals. With that said, she often clashes with all divines.

Umbras (Goddess of Darkness):

- Pyrus (God of Fire) -
Pyrus is the God of Fire, Heat and War. Unlike other divines, he lacks any interest in philosophies or beliefs. He doesn't particularly care for any of the mortal races, though perhaps his crowning achievements was the creation of fire-based dragons as the first dragons to roam Sosaria. His true passion, however, is the thrill of combat.

Pyrus (God of Fire):

- Aguas (God of Water) -
Aguas is the God of Water, the open sea and all that dwells within it. He doesn't make it a habit of butting heads with anyone in particular, though he's found himself consistently at odds with Pyrus, having misgivings about his readiness to expend the lives of mortals for the sake of his own gratification. Aguas has been known to admire the mortal races, particularly Marens.

Aguas (God of Water):

- Ventus (God of Wind) -
Ventus is the God of Wind, adventure and games. Ventus holds disdain for little other than senseless violence and, perhaps, the immaturity of the other divines. It's rare that he gets involved in their quarrels, often opting to stay out of things and further his own interests independent of them. Historically, however, he's settled all disputes with other divines through games of his own design.

Ventus (God of Wind):

- Fulgur (God of Lightning) -
Fulgur is the God of Lightning, wisdom and energy.

Fulgur (God of Lightning):

- Terra (Goddess of Earth) -
Terra is the Goddess of Earth, as well as the flora and fauna thereof.

Terra (Goddess of Earth):

- Vox (Goddess of Sound) -
Vox is the Goddess of Sound, earthquakes and music.

Vox (Goddess of Sound):

- Gelu (Goddess of Ice) -
The Goddess of Ice, crystals and the cold.

Gelu (Goddess of Ice):
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The Nine Divines
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