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 Element System

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<b>EXP</b> EXP : 42
<b>Gold</b> Gold : 1000

Character sheet
Element System Vs3jtIV100/100Element System QazxyQV  (100/100)
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PostSubject: Element System   Element System I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 20 2018, 22:34

Element System B1PavF0

Below you will find the many elements available, including advanced elements, as well as information about what they're capable of, what they're strong against and what they're vulnerable to. Everyone begins with an affinity for one element, which must be one of the five Basic Elements if you do not possess a racial strength or perk granting an advanced element. After that, you may only gain more elements by advancing a magical skill to the required skill level. If you're adept with Destruction magic but gain a second element by becoming Adept in another school of magic, you may only use your new element in those schools which are of sufficient skill level. Also bear in mind, advanced elements do not require any combination of basic elements, as they are independent. Furthermore, they require a racial strength or perk to possess. If you do not have one or the other, you may only choose from the five basic elements.

  • Beginner Level - First Element (Free)
  • Adept Level - Second Element (5,000 EXP)
  • Master Level - Third Element (10,000 EXP)
  • Legendary Level - Fourth Element (20,000 EXP)

List of the Elements

The Fire, or Ignis, element is the combustion of heat concentrated into a single form. Oftentimes in the form of a flame. If hit by an attack of the fire element, the target will be left with varying degrees of burn damage. This is equal to 1/5th of the attack's initial damage, per post for the duration of three posts or until it's healed.
Strong Against | Earth
Weak Against | Water
Effect | Burns the target for 1/5 of the initial damage per post for three posts.

The Wind, or Sylph, element refers to the movement of air particles within a certain space. Whether said space is indoors or outdoors. It is generally ideal for techniques that lift, push, pull or even allow the caster to levitate.
Strong Against | Lightning
Weak Against | Earth
Effect | Deals 50% more damage when used to slice or cut.

The Nature, or Gnome, element refers to the ground beneath the user and all plant life. This includes anything from trees and wood to earth and metal. This element is generally ideal for those who wish to have an adequate defensive arsenal.
Strong Against | Wind
Weak Against | Fire
Effect | Defensive spells of this element can withstand 50% more damage.

The Water, or Aqua, element refers to the flow of aqueous substances. This generally means water for the most part, but may also refer to anything from blood to tea; all liquids. If one is submerged in water and lacks the ability to breathe within it, they have three posts before they lose 10 SP per post. Once their SP reaches zero, they will fall unconscious and begin to lose 20 HP per post.
[b]Strong Against
| Fire
Weak Against | Lightning
Effect | Being submerged in water depletes one's stamina by 2 SP per Post, and causes drowning at 0 SP.

The Lightning, or Volt, element refers to the discharge from the friction between two opposite charges. What this mostly means is that one is able to control forces such as lightning or raw electricity through this element. Lightning attacks can have the ability to stun the target for a set number of posts.
Strong Against | Water
Weak Against | Wind
Effect | Causes paralysis for a duration equal to one post per spell level. Higher level leads to a higher duration.

--------------------------------- Advanced Elements ---------------------------------

The Light, or Lux, element refers to the radiant visual energy stemming from any bright source. Through the Light element, one is able to produce blindingly brilliant lights with ease, as well as conjure forth attacks and defenses composed of solidified light.
Strong Against | Sound
Weak Against | Darkness
Effect | May deal burning damage equal to 1/5 the damage of the initial attack for the duration of four posts. (May also cause blindness)

The Darkness, or Umbra, element refers to the absence or absorption of light energy into nothingness. The element of Darkness allows one to form attacks and defenses of solidified shadows, as well as travel through shadows using magic.
Strong Against | Ice
Weak Against | Light
Effect | Depletes the mana of those afflicted by the spell in an amount equal to the damage of the spell.

The Sound, or Seismic, element refers to the invisible vibration or disturbance of matter. Whether that matter is solid, liquid or gas. Sound can be used as a trigger to an illusion, for an attack of raw power or for any number of applications, depending on the user. They may even leave target's deaf.
Strong Against | Darkness
Weak Against | Ice
Effect | Causes a reduction in the Agility stat of those truck equal to one level. (May also cause deafness)

The Ice, or Celsius, element refers to the crystallized form of non-solid materials. The primary implementation of this element is oftentimes ice, but can include the crystallization of any liquid to form attacks and defenses. Taking a hit from an ice spell reduces the target's speed by one level.
Strong Against | Light
Weak Against | Sound
Effect | Causes the afflicted limb, body or head of the target to face reduced Agility equal to one post on the first hit. That same part being hit twice results in it being frozen completely.
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Element System
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