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 Yeshua Ferrum [Crimson Blade]

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<b>EXP</b> EXP : 0
<b>Gold</b> Gold : 1000
Kingdom : Serenum
Guild : Royal Army
Age : 23

Character sheet
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
PostSubject: Yeshua Ferrum [Crimson Blade]   Sat Oct 20 2018, 19:49

Basic Information
Name :: Yeshua Ferrum
Age :: 23
Gender :: Male
Aliases :: Crimson Blade, Crims, Lt. Blade

Looks & Personality
Appearance :: Standing at precisely six feet height, Crimson is of a somewhat standard height for humans, with moderate build to supplement his stature. His dark, sable brown hair looks as though it's well kept, despite Crimson never actually bothering to do anything with it beyond washing it. His locks of hair extend down to the point just beneath his eyebrows in the front and around the middle of his neck in the back. Thanks in large part to his Mondelven ancestry from his dad's side, Crimson's eyes are a deep crimson hue that could bear into the target of their gaze with an unyielding intensity.

In fact, it was the color of his eyes that led his parents to name him as they did. His nose and mouth match the narrow features of his eyes, being small and blending well with the rest of his face. However, little is ever actually seen of his appearance when he's out and about. He prefers to keep the majority of his face hidden by a combination of the hood of his dark black robe and a facial scarf that covered from the point of his nose and below, before wrapping neatly around his neck. The robe itself also has large accents of a crimson hue, only enhancing the visibility, and notability, of his crimson eyes. Although he's only half Mondelf, his ears are pointed in true elven fashion. For this reason, he always keeps them covered when in public. This is so that he doesn't become the target of those who would persecute him.
Height :: 6'0"
Weight :: 178 lbs
Personality :: Crimson is generally a lazy person by nature, making it a point to always do as minimal work as possible when completing tasks. As an apprentice to his first mentor, the majority of his time was spent napping, watching the clouds in the sky or playing chess with the man. His one and only goal in life was to live a simple life, free of anything stressful or bothersome, and then to die without leaving any burdens on others. When he is faced with the potential for conflict or commitment, he will often look for any excuse to avoid them, before reluctantly agreeing. If he is forced into this type of situation, he will simply dismiss it as troublesome before completing the task as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that he may go back to his care-free life promptly.

Following the death of his father, Sophos Ferrum, and first teacher, Umber Tenebris, Crimson seemed to mature rapidly. Although he maintained his somewhat lazy demeanor, he became much colder and apathetic towards ordinarily stressful scenarios. This is not to be confused with him being a mean or callous person. Deep down, he is surprisingly sentimental when it comes to those whom he has formed bonds with. Even if he were to be ordered to kill someone he cared for, he would look for any excuse to avoid the task, although he would never admit to actually liking or caring for anyone. In this regard, he gives off the appearance of being uncaring when in all actuality he cares just as much as anyone else, if not more so. His favorite hobbies, other than reading and playing chess, generally lean towards any contest of intellect.

One of the things that Crimson finds particularly bothersome are women, although this is not to imply that he is in any way sexist. It is simply his experience that they expect too much from him, often requesting that he do tedious and stressful tasks for them. This is primarily due to being raised by his older sister, whom tried over-enthusiastically to fill the role of his mother. To this end, she would always pester him about maintaining a clean room, tidying up around the house and ensuring that he undergo mandatory training each and every day. This is not to say that he dislikes women, or his older sister for that matter, but rather that he finds it difficult to be around either for extended periods of time if they're of a bothersome nature.
Background Information
Race :: Hybrid [Canin x Primian]
Allegiance :: Serenum
Religion :: None
Alignment :: True Neutral
History ::

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Yeshua Ferrum [Crimson Blade]
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