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 Item System

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PostSubject: Item System   Mon Sep 10 2018, 11:13

About the System

The Item System is, for the most part, simple and straightforward. Keeping in mind that in order to create an item, you MUST have the required skill and level with that skill. Otherwise, you must purchase the desired item from an NPC or someone who is capable of crafting it for you, should you have the gold to pay them for their services. In this system, we will go over what we expect from created items, everything you need to know in order to craft one and what you can do with them after the fact. This includes weapons.

Item Types
The item types found herein are used to categorize the different types of items available in the most organized manner possible. Each type may also be split up into several sub-types to further distinguish between different types of items quickly and easily.

  • Armor | Armor Items consist of practically anything that is worn, regardless of how adequate (or inadequate) the protection.
     - Sub Types : Helm, Chestplate, Sleeves, Gloves, Leggings, Footwear
  • Artifact | Artifacts are any item that has been imbued with magical power through enchantment(s). It is strictly a secondary type.
  • Consumable | Consumables are any item, from potions or poisons to food, that have a set number of uses and are gone once used up. Consumables are typically edible but don't necessarily have to be.
     - Sub Types : Potions, Foods, Meals
  • Jewelry |  Jewelry includes the obvious items produced by a mason, but are usually enchanted artifacts as well.
     - Sub Types : Piercings, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces
  • Tools | Tools are those items that serve a purpose that isn’t directly related to combat. This could be anything from a forge that helps a blacksmith craft faster, to any other tool that can aid in crafting, adventuring or whatever else.
     - Sub Types : Stationary, Handheld
  • Weapon | Weapons include anything with the primary use of physically damaging a person or defending against damage against your person. Anything from swords to bows, or even shields, would be considered a weapon. Special armor employed by Unarmed fighters, such as gauntlets or boots, that increase combat efficiency are also considered weapons.
     - Sub Types : Armor, Bladed, Blunt, Ranged, Blocking
  • Miscellaneous | Misc is essentially any item that doesn't fall under any of the aforementioned categories, but is still possible to create.

Item Quality
The quality of an item determines its general attributes. An example would be a sword that has a quality of Beginner. In this case, the blade would be somewhat dull and fragile, compared to higher quality swords. A legendary sword, on the other hand, would have the sharpest possible blade and a near insurmountable durability. When it comes to weapons, those equal in quality will not damage the durability of either. However, for each difference in level, a collision will result in the weaker weapon losing 5 durability. Meaning that a legendary sword would cut through a beginner sword like butter on the first collision. More on durability may be found below, under Item Durability.

Item Materials
This should be fairly straightforward. If you’d like to make up ingredients for your potions for storytelling and immersion purposes, it is strongly encouraged. This also applies to food items and meals. When it comes to metal or wood, you may only select from a list of pre-approved materials. Those materials may be found by Clicking Here, as well as what materials may be used for each quality of item. Keep in mind, new materials will be discovered in the future, at which point the list will be updated. If you work with these materials often, we recommend you keep an eye out for updates to it by following the topic.

Item Weight
The weight of items on Lorecraft are gauged using pounds. Moreover, all measurements should be in the imperial system. Although there aren't any set guidelines for determining the weight of a weapon or item, since there are so many factors to take into account, we do expect larger weapons of a certain material to naturally be heavier than smaller weapons of that material. Feel free to use your best judgement, after looking at other weapons for reference. Moderators are here to help ensure the weight is reasonable enough for approval.

Crafting Items
Not just anyone may create custom items here on Lorecraft. In order to craft any item, you must first possess the Trade Skill and level necessary. Otherwise, you must ask someone who does to create it for you in exchange for gold, post a Trade Quest or purchase standard items off of NPC shops. All items are crafted either by typing a certain number of words, or posting a certain number of posts, depending on whether or not you're soloing the topic. If you'd rather RP with someone else while you craft it, there is a post requirement instead. The number of words and posts necessary depend on the quality of the item and may be found below. If, for whatever reason, you don't want your character to craft the item personally, you can also just role-play out the process of them obtaining it by some other means (however, sufficient Trade Skill level is still required).

  • Beginner | 250 words (1 post)
  • Novice | 500 words (2 posts)
  • Adept | 750 words (4 posts)
  • Expert | 1000 words (6 posts)
  • Master | 2000 words (10 posts)
  • Legendary | 3000 words (15 posts)
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Item System
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