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 Spells & Moves

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PostSubject: Spells & Moves   Sat Jul 07 2018, 13:32

REMEMBER! Staff reserves the right to nerf or deny any spell or move on the basis of it being broken.

This topic is going to go over Spells, Mana and Schools of Magic, as well as Moves, Stamina and Disciplines of Combat.

  • Spell | Any technique that depends entirely on mana is considered a spell. Spells require that you have sufficient skill level in the necessary magical skill. Furthermore, more complex spells may require a high Intelligence stat.
  • Mana | Mana is the magical energy that all living things possess. It is not contained by any organic system and therefore one's mana reserves can not be physically attacked. They exist within each living thing, but on the astral plane rather than the physical.
  • School | Schools are the categories by which magic is typically classified. In the general (and OOC) sense, it would mean the magical skills. However, IC it refers to the core principles of your magic. An example might be a School of Ninjutsu that consists of a variety of ninja-related spells that require hand-signs as triggers.

  • Move | In contrast to a Spell, Moves make use of Stamina and only sometimes have a Mana cost. Moves are considered anything more powerful, or more complex, than simple attacks. In order to perform a move, you must have sufficient skill level in a Combat Skill, as well as an adequate Dexterity level for more complex moves.
  • Stamina | Stamina, unlike Mana, is the physical energy that you possess. All martial arts moves require at least half of the energy cost to be Stamina. It's also a physical energy and can therefore be physically attacked or lowered by other methods.
  • Discipline | A Discipline is similar to a School, but refers to a set of moves rather than a collection of spells. Disciplines are the categories by which moves are organized, and generally establish a central theme that the moves are each derived from in some shape or form.

Please Note: All spells of the same school and moves of the same discipline must be in the same topic. If you wish to add on to an existing list, then please link to that list at the top of your application(s) so staff know to append it.

First things first, it's important to understand that all techniques require two things. The first is an action that triggers the spell or move. This is something your character MUST do before he can perform his spell or move. This can range from writing/drawing something out, performing hand gestures, rituals or even through oration. For warriors, a stance is typically the norm as far as triggers go. You're free to get as creative with this as you wish, just so long as it isn't too unbalanced. More powerful spells and techniques will naturally require more time or effort be put into the trigger, but we encourage all members to get creative with their spells and how they're employed.

Technique Levels

Beginner Techniques and are typically supplementary at best and don't deal any real damage. Their effects are often simple, as Beginner techniques don't require any real ability to utilize. Although some Beginner techniques aren't entirely harmless, they're incapable of dealing any real damage to anything or anyone aside from minor pain and/or purely superficial damage.
Max Range | 1 meter or self (no AOE)
Max Power | Novice
Max Speed | Novice
Max Duration | 20 posts
Min Cooldown | None
Energy Cost | 5 points (or 2 points per post)
Requirement | 50 EXP, 500 Words or 2 Posts
Some examples of Beginner level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Beginner level spells may be found below:

Novice Techniques include the most basic of combat techniques and the more standard supplementary techniques. The effects of Novice techniques can get more intricate than Beginner techniques, but are more effective in dealing actual damage. The most basic of offensive and defensive techniques are typically Novice level. They inflict quite a bit of damage to a living target, and can even be lethal if aimed well enough.
Max Range | 3 meters (1 meter AOE)
Max Power | Adept
Max Speed | Adept
Max Duration | 15 posts
Min Cooldown | 1-2 posts
Energy Cost | 10 points (or 4 points per post)
Requirement | 100 EXP, 750 Words or 3 Posts
Some examples of Novice level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Novice level spells may be found below:

Adept techniques include standard combat techniques and advanced supplementary techniques. The effects of Adept techniques are generally somewhat intricate to pull off, but are generally worth the effort. Some of the more advanced supplementary skills fall under this skill level, as well as combat techniques capable of dealing heavy damage to a living target, even going as far as destroying a large portion of the target's body and often resulting in death.
Max Range | 6 meters (2 meters AOE)
Max Power | Expert
Max Speed | Expert
Max Duration | 10 posts
Min Cooldown[color:59f8=eda21f] | 2-4 posts
Energy Cost | 20 points (or 8 points per post)
Requirement | 250 EXP, 1000 Words or 5 Posts
Some examples of Adept level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Adept level spells may be found below:

Expert techniques include some of the more advanced techniques of all types. On the supplementary end, some of the most complex techniques are possible at this level. Furthermore, defensive techniques of an Expert level can handle a great deal of punishment before giving way. Offensive techniques can deal devastating damage to a living thing, even going as far as to obliterate their entire body with one technique.
Max Range | 10 meters (3 meters AOE)
Max Power | Master
Max Speed | Master
Max Duration | 8 posts; (Permanent, if effect is Beginner in level)
Min Cooldown | 3-6 posts
Energy Cost | 40 points (or 16 points per post)
Requirement | 375 EXP, 1500 Words or 7 Posts
Some examples of Expert level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Expert level spells may be found below:

Master techniques, while costly to use, are some of the most powerful techniques available, regardless of the type in question. Master supplementary techniques are among the most intricate to pull off, while Master defensive techniques can take the most brutal of beatings before giving way in the slightest. Master offensive techniques are capable of completely obliterating a large group of people with little difficulty.
Max Range | 15 meters (5 meters AOE)
Max Power | Legendary
Max Speed | Legendary
Max Duration | 6 posts; (Permanent, if effect is Novice in level)
Min Cooldown | 4-8 posts
Energy Cost | 80 points (or 32 points per post)
Requirement | 500 EXP, 2000 Words or 10 Posts
Some examples of Master level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Master level spells may be found below:

Legendary techniques are, without any doubt, the most powerful techniques in the entire world. While it takes endless training and experience to utilize Legendary techniques, they are the most intricate supplementary techniques, the most fortuitous defensive techniques and offensive techniques are capable of destroying an entire area, and can be lethal to anyone caught within its range or in its path.
Max Range | 30 meters (10 meters AOE)
Max Power | Legendary
Max Speed | Legendary
Max Duration | 5 posts; (Permanent, if effect is Adept in level)
Min Cooldown | Once per topic; Can't use a Legendary spell again after use.
Energy Cost | 160 points (or 64 points per post)
Requirement | 1000 EXP, 4000 Words or 14 Posts
Some examples of Legendary level moves may be found below:
Some examples of Legendary level spells may be found below:
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Spells & Moves
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