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PostSubject: Magic System   Magic System I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07 2018, 13:32

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REMEMBER! Staff reserves the right to nerf or deny any spell on the basis of it being broken.
Please Note: All spells of the same school must be in the same topic. If you wish to add on to an existing list, then please link to that list at the top of your application(s) so staff know to append it.

This topic is going to go over Spells, Mana and Schools of Magic.

  • Spell | Any technique that depends entirely on mana is considered a spell. Spells require that you have sufficient skill level in the necessary magical skill. Furthermore, more complex spells may require a high Intelligence stat.
  • Mana | Mana is the magical energy that all living things possess. It is not contained by any organic system and therefore one's mana reserves can not be physically attacked. They exist within each living thing, but on the astral plane rather than the physical.
  • School | Schools are the categories by which magic is typically classified. It refers to a set of spells that all share a common theme. An example might be a School of Ninjutsu that consists of a variety of ninja-related spells that require hand-signs as triggers.

Spell Guidelines

Type :: All you have to do is list any skills and elements, separated by commas, that your spell requires in order to be learned and used.
School :: Alternatively, the school of your spell is the overall name for a set of spells that share a common theme.
Level :: The level denotes the complexity or power of the spell, as well as dictating the required skill level(s). This can range anywhere between Beginner to Legendary. It may also determine the speed and power of your spell, unless you'd like to sacrifice a level in one to increase the other.
Speed :: This is how quickly the spell takes affect or how quickly that it moves.
Power :: This is how powerful the spell is and will also determine how much damage it deals.
Levels ::
Level Guidelines:
Description :: Describe what the spell does and any other information you'd like to add. The more detail you put into the description, the more likely your approval.
Trigger :: The trigger is what actions must be completed in order to cast the spell. More powerful and complex spells will naturally require a more arduous or time-consuming trigger. Triggers may be shortened for those of higher levels than the spell requires. You can get as creative as you like with it, however. Anything from incantations and rituals to handsigns.

Learning Spells

Learning new spells can be done by paying a certain amount of EXP or meeting a certain word or post count requirement, the amount depending on the level. We'll go over each level and its cost below:
Beginner - 100 EXP, 250 Words, 1 Post
Novice - 200 EXP, 500 Words, 2 Posts
Adept - 400 EXP, 1000 Words, 4 Posts
Expert - 800 EXP, 2000 Words, 8 Posts
Master - 1600 EXP. 4000 Words, 16 Posts
Legendary - 3200 EXP, 8000 Words, 32 Posts
Please keep in mind, you may only learn a spell by post count if training with someone else. Solo topics must go by word count.
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Magic System
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