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 Quest System

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PostSubject: Quest System   Quest System I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 25 2018, 13:57

Quest System SX9xBpI

About the System

The Quest System is a fairly simple set of guidelines that will help you create an acceptable quest that complies with our standards, ensuring a speedy approval from staff. It also will go over how to complete a quest and what to do afterwards, for those who are unsure. In this system, we will go over the types of quests, what each one generally entails and any additional information you'll need to create one or take one on yourself.

Favor & Disfavor
Certain quests will result in you earning favor with an NPC as part of the rewards. You may keep track of how much favor you have with which NPCs on your Character Sheet. You may have anywhere between 0 and 100 favor with an NPC, and it determines how that NPC views and interacts with your character. If you have more favor with an NPC than someone else, then that NPC will always side with you over them. Furthermore, many NPCs will have a special quest that unlocks when you reach 100 favor with them. When it comes to shop owner NPCs, specifically, the first person who reaches 100 favor with the NPC will receive a special quest that will allow them to inherit the shop. This is limited to one per person, however. One person may not control more than one shop, regardless of characters. On the contrary, quests may also cause you to lose favor (or earn disfavor) with certain NPCs. This will cause them to regard you negatively and should their disfavor reach 100, they may attack you in a topic.

Quest Types

  • Plot Quests | Plot Quests are those quests created by members of staff as part of a storyline. At the end of the quests, which vary from completely safe to dangerous and can even be competitive in nature, those who won out are rewarded handsomely. No one knows what the reward is, however, until it's unveiled at the end of the questline.
  • Combat Quests | Combat Quests are any quests that involve combat with beasts, monsters or any other type of NPC. These NPCs may be controlled by the players themselves, the quest creator or a member of staff; depending on the wishes of the quest creator. Obviously, staff-controlled NPCs are limited to staff-created quests. Gold, or other rewards, earned from this type of quest are paid by an NPC.
  • Bounty Quests | Bounty Quests are any quests that involve the hunting of a specific player character, for whatever reason. These are generally put out by city or kingdom leaders but may be posted by anyone. Unlike Combat Quests, the rewards for this type must be doled out by the quest creators themselves.
  • Trade Quests | Trade Quests are any quests that involve the use of a trade skill. This includes Blacksmith quests that ask you to produce a certain weapon or armor, or many weapons and armor; although it covers any and all trade skills. Depending on who receives the goods, the reward(s) may either be paid out by the quest creator or an NPC.
  • Misc Quests | Misc Quests are those quests that may serve a purpose outside of those outlined by previous types. Anything that isn't already covered would fall under this type. An example might be a negotiation quest or any other quest that involves neither combat nor a trade skill. These function in a similar manner to Trade Quests, however, as rewards may be doled out by an NPC or PC, depending on who the quest giver is.

Quest Rewards

Quest Rewards depend largely on the type of quest being undertaken, as well as the criteria set for the quest’s completion. Below, we’ll go over the rewards for each type of quest and how it should be devised by the quest creator.

  • Plot Quests | Plot Quests offer invaluable rewards that can't be achieved by any other means, often something that benefits or affects entire kingdoms, or the world even.
  • Combat Quests | Combat Quests always have an NPC quest giver and, therefore, have a consistent reward pattern with no deviations. For every post (or 250 words), the player is rewarded 100 Gold and 100 EXP. Therefore, a quest with a post requirement of 5 would reward 500 Gold & EXP.
  • Bounty Quests | Bounty Quests are a bit different, as they are always given out by player characters. Therefore, the material rewards depend entirely on what that person wishes to give (but must be established in the quest’s creation ahead of time). As far as EXP is concerned, however, Bounty Quests award 2500 EXP per bounty completed.
  • Trade Quests | Trade Quests can be given by either an NPC or PC, therefore the material rewards depend on whether it’s one or the other. In the case of a PC quest giver, the material reward is determined by how much they wish to award (and like other quests, must be established in the quest’s creation). As for NPC quest givers, the reward depends on the number of items (and their quality) being produced. Below, we will go over how that works and provide the EXP gains as well.
     - Beginner | 100 Gold & EXP
     - Novice | 200 Gold & EXP
     - Adept | 400 Gold & EXP
     - Expert | 600 Gold & Exp
     - Master | 800 Gold & EXP
     - Grandmaster | 1000 Gold & EXP
     - Legendary | 1500 Gold & EXP
  • Misc Quests | Misc Quest rewards depend entirely on the quest giver, but will generally be measured with the same metric as Combat Quests, based on a number of posts defined by the quest giver ahead of time.

Quest Completion

In order to complete a quest, all you have to do is satisfy all of the requirements outlined in the Criteria field of the Quest Template. Once you’re sure that you meet all conditions, you may post a reply to the Gold & EXP Claims topic. You’ll find an example of what it should look like below:

Name :: Quest Completion
Links ::
- Link to Quest Creation (Must be Approved)
- Link to Quest Completion (Must be Complete)
Description :: Adding X Gold and X EXP

Once a member of staff has approved the update, your numbers will be adjusted accordingly.
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Quest System
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