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 Award Claims

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<b>EXP</b> EXP : 39
<b>Gold</b> Gold : 1000

Character sheet
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
100/100  (100/100)
PostSubject: Award Claims   Fri May 25 2018, 21:13

Awards are the little icons displayed beneath your avatar that indicate you've hit a certain milestone or done something else to earn it. By hovering over the award, you can see its name as well as what it's for. In this topic, we'll go over each of the awards available in full detail. If you should have an award, but it's yet to be added to your profile, you may reply to this topic with the award(s) to be added.

Alpha Tester - Register before Beta Phase starts
Beta Tester - Register during the Beta Phase
Registered Member - Simply register on the site.
3rd Place - Win third place in any contest.
2nd Place - Win second place in any contest.
1st Place - Win first place in any contest.
Rich - Have 100k gold at one time.
Wealthy - Have 500k gold at one time.
Millionaire - Have 1 million gold at one time.
Adventurer - Complete 50 quests.
Lorecrafter - Contribute to the site's lore 10 times.
Loremaster - Contribute to the site's lore 20 times.
Pyromancer - Possess the Fire Element.
Aquamancer - Possess the Water Element.
Electromancer - Possess the Lightning Element.
Aeromancer - Possess the Wind Element.
Terramancer - Possess the Earth Element.
Cryomancer - Possess the Ice Element.
Photomancer - Possess the Light Element.
Atermancer - Possess the Darkness Element.
Audiomancer - Possess the Sound Element.
Forged in Fire - Become Demigod of Pyrus
Child of the Sea - Become Demigod of Aguas
Bolt of Lightning - Become Demigod of Fulgur
Gone with the Wind - Become Demigod of Ventus
Free Spirit - Become Demigod of Terra
Ice Cold - Become Demigod of Gelu
Light Bearer - Become Demigod of Lux
Shadow Lurker - Become Demigod of Umbras
Sound Mind - Become Demigod of Vox
Debugger - Find five exploits or mistakes
More Awards Will Be Added in the Future
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Award Claims
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