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 War System

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PostSubject: War System   Wed May 23 2018, 23:51

The War System on Lorecraft RPG is fairly simple and straight-to-the-point. Anyone is free to conquer areas, whether they're representing their self, guild, city or kingdom. Cities must first defect from their kingdom through rebellion, however, if they wish to invade a city that also belongs to that kingdom. With that said, there are three different types of battles to make note of.

Conquest | When conquering a settlement or city, you would simply post a topic outlining your character's attempt to conquer the land with a [Conquest] tag. This is in a case where you do not control the city but seek to gain it through force. Anyone who wishes to try to stop you is free to do so, regardless of allegiance to any kingdom or guild (just so long as they have adequate IC motivation to do so).

Rebellion | As opposed to conquests, rebellions are when you already have control of a city as the Jarl, or other form of leadership over the area. In this case, you may wish to free your city from the control of the kingdom that it's currently under. To do so, you simply create a post in the area with the tag [Rebellion]. When it comes to rebellions, only those who reside within the kingdom may take part in the battle against them. The rebels, however, may receive assistance from a third party kingdom or guild.

Revolution | Contrary to rebellions, revolutions are when the people themselves (or in some cases, military officials) have decided that they've had enough with their government and chosen to overthrow the leader(s) of their city or kingdom. In this case, one must create a post in the city or kingdom that they wish to overthrow the leadership of with the tag [Revolution]. Although only those in the relevant kingdom may fight against the revolution, the revolutionaries themselves may include third parties to assist them.

Some important rules to remember:

  1. Either side may not have more than a one-person advantage. This means that if your enemies have 5 people, you can have no more than 6 involved in the battle.
  2. Battles may not include any more than 12 people in total, with 6 on each side.
  3. You may not harm, or otherwise interact with, any characters who haven't implicitly joined the topic.
  4. The topic remains open for one week before it's decided in the initiators favor, should no one oppose them.
  5. You MUST tag the usernames of the leader(s) for the opposing side when creating a battle topic.
  6. Be wary, there are no PVP or PK restrictions in War topics, so enter one at your own risk.
  7. War topics must always go on. If someone fails to respond within 48 hours, they must post their retreat within 24 hours or hits may start being claimed (even if you have a Departure thread).
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War System
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