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 Fulgur [God of Lightning]

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PostSubject: Fulgur [God of Lightning]   Tue May 15, 2018 5:09 pm


Basic Information
Name :: Fulgur
Age :: Unknown
Gender :: Male
Aliases :: God of Lightning - Thunder God
Height :: 4'4"
Weight :: 95 lbs

Personal Information
Personality :: From the very beginning, Fulgur has always been characterized by bright and playful behavior, as well as outlook, to match his childish appearance. In accordance with his innocent perspective, he tends to abhor violence and fighting in general, after witnessing first hand what the ancient world was like before sentience. Among all of the gods, he is the most benevolent and kind. Unlike the other gods, he also has little to no interest in intervening in the world and thus keeps his impact on it to a minimum, while simply observing how events unfold on their own. His perception of the other gods is that they're selfish and boring, something he's tried for millennia to change.
Alignment :: Neutral Good
Background :: Being one of the seven gods, Fulgur has allegedly existed for eternity, as their existence predates time itself. In the ancient times, he helped to create many of the herbivorous beasts in the world. One of his favorites, in particular, was the elephant due to their massive ears and humorous trunk. Finding himself often at odds with Aguas, he would find an ally in Ventus, the clash of the three resulting in massive storms.

Combat Information
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Fulgur [God of Lightning]
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