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 New Genesis

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PostSubject: New Genesis   May 15th 2018, 12:34 pm

The seven gods watched over Sosaria with feelings of pride and accomplishment. They had come together to create a world that was entirely inhabitable, and in that world they placed many creatures and beasts. Although many were benevolent, most were not so tame. “There is too much darkness in this world!” cried out Lux, the God of Light. “Perhaps if your puny creatures were able to hold their own…” retorted Umbras, the Goddess of Darkness, mumbling the words under her breath. “I concur with Lux.” Aguas interjected with his usual calm demeanor. “We need beings with sentience, who can choose their own destiny!” Pyrus proposed, slamming his palm on the round table. “Now, now, now. We’ve already created Sosaria.” Umbras remarked with a coy smirk. “We should put it to a vote, should we not?” Fulgur mused, as all of the gods broke out into chatter. “Wait…” Umbras requested, quickly muted out by the bellowing voice of Terra, the Goddess of Nature. “All in favor of creating sentient beings? Say aye!” The room responded with a resounding “Aye!”, save for Umbras, who mumbled her final objection beneath her breath.

Lux leaned back, letting out a gentle sigh of exasperation. “Fine, fine. How about this, Umbras… We will each choose beings to grant our power to. We may each choose three heroes who have devoted themselves to us.” The young God of Light offered, his expression genuine and compromising. Umbras bit her tongue momentarily before parting her plump lips to respond. “Very well. I will assist in the creation of these beings.” She murmured, reluctantly agreeing to the stipulations. This would mean that her beloved barbaric races would no longer rule Sosaria. However, she could part with them if it meant gathering even more powerful beings under her control. These heroes could very well turn out to be just the pawns she had been looking for.

On that day, the gods created the many sentient races of Sosaria, from the hardy dwarves to the magically attuned elves. Along with the creation of these beings, however, they also granted sentience to many creatures that had already existed throughout the land. Dragons, and even Goblins, were now able to choose their own destiny and even communicate their knowledge to these new beings. The new races of Sosaria gathered under their own banners and formed settlements that grew, over the centuries, into vast kingdoms that sprawled many acres of land. They fought many wars, pledged their devotion to the gods and created things that the divines had never considered. They produced magic that had never existed before, and they strove to impress their respective deities. Finally, once each god's followers had established a sizable kingdom over the course of numerous generations, the divines decided it was time for the heroes to finally make their appearance in the lands.

Thus, the Demigods Were Born...

OOC Information
The status of demigod may be dangerous to those inexperienced at role-playing. With that in mind, the process for becoming one is fairly simple but may prove difficult for those who aren't combat savvy. Click Here to read more about the divines, as well as what each god requires of their followers to become demigods and maintain their status. The limit for each divine is a maximum of 2 demigods. You'll also find that each divine may handle demigods differently, meaning that your status as a demigod may be particularly dangerous depending on who you worship.

Once both Lux (God of Light) and Umbras (Goddess of Darkness) have gained two demigods each, the first major phase of the plot will begin. This storyline will not, however, be limited to either demigods or worshipers of any specific divine. Everyone is welcome to join.
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New Genesis
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