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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Fri Sep 29 2017, 20:29

The Stat System is what determines your character's core physical and mental capabilities within the role-play realm and, to a small extent, what your character is generally capable of. They are in no way intended to decide battles between players unless that's their prerogative. Keep in mind, however, that a Battle Mod may use a stark difference in stat levels as the basis for their decision on some matters. Although you may only Grandmaster three stats, you may Master all of the others.

Stat Levels

  1. Beginner | The Beginner is someone who has extremely little to no experience with the stat.
  2. Novice | The Novice is someone who has familiarized themselves with the fundamentals and may be considered average.
  3. Adept | The Adept is someone who has a solid grasp of the fundamentals and is starting to show promise.
  4. Expert | The Expert is someone who is very experienced with a stat and demonstrates a solid grasp of all aspects.
  5. Master | The Master is someone with nearly unparalleled experience in a stat and possesses remarkable talent with it.
  6. Legendary | The Legendary level is only achievable by boosting a stat. No one may achieve this level otherwise.

The Stats Available

Stat Information:

Training Your Stats

In order to train each stat, all you have to do is satisfy the requirements outlined below:
Beginner Novice | 1000 EXP
Novice Adept | 3000 EXP
Adept Expert | 5000 EXP
Expert Master | 7500 EXP
Master Legendary | 10000 EXP

Stat Boosting

  • No character may possess more than three passive stat boosts in total.
  • You may not boost more than three stats at a time actively.
        - One stat requires at least a Novice spell or technique.
        - Two stats require at least an Expert spell or technique.
        - Three stats require at least a Grandmaster spell or technique.
  • You may not boost a stat past any one stat more than two levels above its normal value, including passives.
  • You may not use more than one active stat-boosting technique at a time.
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Stat System
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