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 Staff Applications

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Staff Applications DUuUxVpStaff Applications 1kpXIkr

<b>EXP</b> EXP : 42
<b>Gold</b> Gold : 1000

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PostSubject: Staff Applications   Staff Applications I_icon_minitimeThu May 10 2018, 20:24

Staff Applications LZeDqD2

If you're looking to help out with the creation of Lorecraft, or simply wish to reserve a staff position for when we open, you may do so by filling out the template at the bottom of this post in a reply to this topic. Those who seem qualified will be given a position best suited to their skills and experience. In this topic, we will also be going over what positions are available as well as what they each entail.

Staff Applications Z77miw8
The Administrator is someone with at least a fundamental grasp of the admin panel and who is able to handle the more technical aspects of being staff. Although they will be expected to assist in general moderation duties, it is lower on the priority list. Typically, someone with a lot of experience and a mature attitude is preferred for this role. Someone who's also capable with graphics, coding or writing is more likely to be selected. Although we do not accept applications for this position, you may start as a moderator and eventually work your way up to it.

Staff Applications O8eB8BU
The Head Moderator is someone with extensive experience as a moderator, or higher position, and the ability to manage other moderators. Although they may be over-ruled by an administrator, they are generally the one you should go to when a moderator makes a mistake or needs correcting. They may still check applications or even mediate fights, but are generally delegated to training new staff members and making sure that the moderation teams are operating efficiently. Should they find something isn't working, or working as well as it should, they report their findings to the owner.

Staff Applications LB79DoK
The General Moderator is someone who is good with people and has a firm grasp of the systems, rules and information around the site. Their primary responsibilities are assisting new members, answering questions and making sure that the rules are followed across the forum, and in the chatbox. Unlike Application and Fight Moderators, they are not specialized for any one role. This means that if there isn't anyone else to check an application, or handle a fight dispute, then they may fulfill that obligation.

Staff Applications LpNocs2
The Application Moderator is someone who is adept at handling applications and ensuring that they're ready to be approved. Their sole responsibility is checking creations, helping with anything that isn't quite up to snuff, before then approving the application and moving it to the relevant section. Application Moderators are not expected to fulfill any other role aside from creations, and the only staff members who can over-rule them when it comes to applications are the Head Moderator or an Administrator.

Staff Applications INORl9e
The Fight Moderator is someone with extensive experience with combat RP and the nuances involved. They have good reading comprehension skills and reliable judgement. Their sole responsibility is mediating fights, particularly for the sake of a contest/tournament or when a dispute occurs. The only people who may over-rule a Fight Moderator in their specialized are are the Head Moderator or an Administrator. However, an appeal must be made within 24 hours of the decision or else it remains final.

If you're interested in any of the above positions, just fill out the template below and paste it filled out in a reply.
[b][color=#FFDF5C]Username[/color][/b] ::
[b][color=#FFDF5C]Position[/color][/b] ::
[b][color=#FFDF5C]Experience[/color][/b] ::
[b][color=#FFDF5C]Skills[/color][/b] ::
[b][color=#FFDF5C]Image[/color][/b] ::

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Staff Applications
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