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 Countries of Sosaria

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PostSubject: Countries of Sosaria   Countries of Sosaria I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 07 2019, 22:24

Name :: Serenian Kingdom
Established :: 16 AD
Government :: Absolute Monarchy
Demographics :: Predominately human races, but a melting pot of all races.
Culture :: The Serenians are generally a proud and ethical people, with a code of honor that dictates their daily lives. They strive to be altruistic when it comes to domestic affairs, but are a force to be reckoned with abroad. All manner of celebrations, festivals and parades are held in the major cities of the kingdom, oftentimes to increase morale and aid enlistment efforts. The official colors of Serenum are red and orange, paying homage to their reverence of Lux, the God of Light, as the Sun God. The kingdom being founded in his honor, worship of Umbras is highly frowned upon and those of Mondelven background may face discrimination, particularly at the hands of Primians. It is said that the royal family of the kingdom is chosen by Lux himself, and that's why each ruler is decided by birth right. The standard of living in Serenum is far from the highest, but the people are well enough off that they tend to view the royal family, and the kingdom as a whole, fondly. Magic in the Serenian Kingdom is established predominately around Lux, resulting in a focus on Restoration and Light magic. Their spells are established in deep tradition, resulting in a prevalence of spellbooks, magic scrolls and the sort, rather than magical tools or devices.
Cities :: Solaris (Capital) - Oceanum - Caelum - Urbs Regum - Urbs Villam - Ferrariun
Serenian History:

Name :: Yew
Established :: 21 AD
Government :: Democratic Republic
Demographics :: Predominately Valens and Holzelves and Leoni.
Culture :: The Yewian Republic is a small island nation that values hard-work and independence. Unlike most kingdoms, their goal isn't to expand endlessly or destroy the surrounding ecosystems. Instead, they opt to remain on their home island and live as one with the surrounding nature. Through a combination of magic and architectural feats, they've managed to build their entire civilization along vast forests and even in the midst of a variety of creatures whom they've come to consider members of their society. Although they've previously been colonized by the Serenian Kingdom, they've since won their independence and are willing to defend it fiercely. The three primary races of Yew, which are Valens, Holzelves and Leoni, live alongside one another in peace and harmony. The council that rules over Yew is determined by each race voting for two representatives to act in their interests on  the council. Should another race come to prominence, additional seats would be voted on.
Cities :: Yew Island (Capital)
Yewian History:

Name :: Lunarian Kingdom
Established :: 12 AD
Government :: Absolute Monarchy
Demographics :: Predominately Mondelves, Glacielves, Gigans and Dwarven races.
Culture :: Lunari is much stricter when it comes to domestic affairs, opting for stringent laws and the harshest of punishments for those who dare to violate them. The major cities found within the kingdom are all under heavy guard, and the government wouldn't think twice about using their own military to quell potential rebellions. While the other kingdoms value freedom and liberty to varying degrees, the Lunarian Kingdom cracks down on any form of opposition, even mere talk doesn't go unpunished. The people of the kingdom are generally depressed or have a distorted view of the outside world, indoctrinated from an early age in their educational system. Those who excel in a needed field, such as combat or magic, quickly become distinguished and never want for a thing, while those in the lower castes struggle just to feed their families or provide a roof over their heads. The people of the kingdom mostly worship Umbras, the Moon Goddess, or Gelu, the Ice Goddess.
Cities :: Luna (Capital) - Glacius - Umbra
Lunarian History:

Name :: Dentro
Established :: 32 AD
Government :: Monarchical Republic
Demographics :: Predominately bestial races, but also home to dwarven races and holzelves.
Culture :: Dentro, being a vast Republic comprised of numerous races, tends to value the ideals of liberty and equality. Each of the bestial races tend to serve a different purpose that they're most suited for. Despite this, discrimination is still abundant in every city towards those from another. The most tolerant of the cities is New Terra, which has resulted in a vast number of each bestial race migrating there in hopes of making a name for themselves in the affluent capital. The people of Dentro are generally hard-working and honorable, with the lowest crime rates in all of Sosaria. Due to this, there are few laws and the punishment for violating them are generally lax. While everyone is free to choose their own career path, it's unusual for anyone to deviate from what their race is considered most suited for. This has led to a form of discrimination in which only those of the preferred race will be hired for specific jobs or tasks.
Cities :: New Terra (Capital) - Lacus - Golem
Dentron History:

Name :: Pluvian Federation
Established :: 9 AD
Government :: Monarchical Confederation
Demographics :: Predominately Elven races, but a melting pot of all races.
Culture :: The Kingdom of Pluvia, also known as the Kingdom of Magic, is unusual in that it is ruled entirely by mages, with a mage royal family at its head. The mystical arts are strongly encouraged all throughout the kingdom, with innumerable schools of magic existing to train the youth of the kingdom in all manner of magic. Moreover, it's also the only kingdom with a prevalence of magical tools and devices. Due to magic being so commonplace, anyone and everyone is expected to at least have some magical ability. Those who lack it, however, face harsh discrimination and oftentimes comprise the lowest class of citizens. While the war ended long ago, and most Pluvians have let go of the rivalry, there remain many who may lash out if they see a Mondelf or find out that someone is a Lunarian.
Cities :: Lumen (Capital) - Ventus - Aria - Aether
Pluvian History:
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Countries of Sosaria
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