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Reagents are required in the process of enchanting and potion brewing. However, they are not required to use an enchantment once it's been placed. Reagents are typically cheap to acquire and can be kept on the person, but are usually used for crafting purposes. However, spells of Master level must require at least one reagent, and an additional reagent for Legendary spells. Additionally, you can add an extra reagent as a requirement.

Spells which require reagents will always trump spells of equal power which don't, or those which require less reagents.

Acquiring reagents requires a 5+ post thread in search of said reagent. Any additional posts will allow you to acquire one more of that reagent with an overall limit of 10 per topic.

Black Pearl
The Black Pearl is fairly rare, and for the purposes of magic, only a perfectly spherical, unblemished Black Pearl will suffice. These may be ground into a fine powder - an ignoble, yet potent end for so beautiful a stone. It is a common reagent in spells involving magical travel, distance, propulsion or projection, as well as powerful spells of the Darkness or Sound Element.

Blood Moss
Blood Moss is a reddish fungus that is found mainly in marshlands and swamps. An unconfirmed rumor claims that it also grows between the toes of trolls, but due to the unappetizing prospect of searching for proof, the rumor remains simply that. Blood Moss is commonly required for spells that focus on speed, animation, and locomotion. It's also used for more lethal spells of the Water Element.

The Bones of any creature are an invaluable reagent for the purposes of defensive spells, particularly spells that reinforce the durability of a being or object, or even to reduce their fortitude. They are also commonly ground up to make bonemeal, which can be employed in the creation of magical potions, increasing its effects or, in some cases, the duration.

This is the rock that burns or, more to the point in Sorcery, explodes. A virtually limitless source of power dwells within it's etheric composition. It's one of the rarest reagents one can come across, only able to be found in the nests of fire-breathing dragons. It's commonly required in order to cast the most powerful spells that are of the Light or Fire Element.

Daemon Bone
Having taken a hint from the Necromancers, mages have found that Bone does, indeed, retain it's tie to life. It is even useful in the ritual of binding when enough power is at hand. Daemonic forces are summoned and controlled by use of this reagent. It is required in order to summon powerful beasts or monsters of Umbras, as well as to take on daemonic properties oneself.

Dragon's Blood
So powerful is this creature that the blood burns as if aflame. Precise measurements of this are wise, for too much and the magic will go dangerously awry. The most powerful Fire element spells require Dragon's Blood in order to be cast, and the dragon from whom the blood was taken may also be summoned by spells cast with their blood as a reagent.

Dragon's Scale
The scales of a dragon are oftentimes one with the wind, allowing them to soar gracefully through the skies with the wind at their curtails. Anyone fortunate enough to pluck one off of a dragon who is capable of flight will be in possession of a powerful reagent, required by some of the most powerful Wind Spells and spells pertaining to flight, dragons or draconic properties.

Eye of Newt
The Eye of Newt is, naturally, the eyes of a Newt. They grant a mage who employs them mental acuity and clarity, enhance the power of any and all magical spells and are also used in potions, along with other reagents, to restore one's mana pool. It's also commonly used in spells of the Darkness Element and spells of the Alteration Skill.

Fertile Dirt
The plant grows from the womb of the land, it's roots deeply embedded in the safety of soil. This reagent is most commonly used in the casting of powerful spells of the Nature Element that produce plant life to fight on the user's behalf. In order to be used, however, it must first be cast onto the ground. Once this is done, the desired plant(s) may spring forth.

Garlic, few kitchens in Sosaria are without this humble allium. Legends of its protective powers extend back through the mists of time, and in modern magical practice it is used in spells that protect the caster or a target and ward off or dispel a danger or evil. For the purposes of potions, the bulb of the plant is washed, peeled and ground into a paste. It's particularly used in potent spells of the Light Element or Restoration school.

As a magical reagent, Ginseng focuses the powers of healing and enhancement. However, its bitterness belies its restorative nature. Although not always required, more powerful spells take more work before it can be used in magic ritual, the root of the plant should be boiled in the freshest water, cooled and brought back to a boil in fresh water no less than forty times. With the last boiling, it is transformed into a heavy, strong-smelling syrup capable of immeasurable magical feats.

The deadly Nightshade, another denizen of the swamps, was christened for its strange, waxen flowers, which only bloom at night. It should be carefully handled and prepared, for it is poisonous to the touch. For potion preparations, it is either crushed or brewed into a tea. As a reagent, nightshade focuses the powers of death, damage, poison and illusion. It's also commonly employed in the most potent Darkness Spells.

Nox Crystal
This reagent may be found as loot on any monster that utilizes poison in any capacity, as well as all Necromantic entities such as skeletons, daemons or spirits. Nox Crystals are ideal for spells that poison, curse or cause other toxic affects to the target. They are commonly used in the most powerful of Necromancy spells as well.

Reptile's Scale
The poison in the mouth of a beast seeps into the flesh and corrupts the scales, giving them the magical ability to act as a destructor of bonds. These scales can also be used to cast powerful spells that are of the Water Element, or to cast spells that have to do with reptiles or the summoning of other scaled creatures.

Spider's Silk
Spider's Silk is as common as spiders are, but as fine and light as air. Because of this, at least one ounce of it is required for a simple spell. The spider's silk concentrates the power to summon, conjure, and bind. It's also a requirement for any spell that employs the Wind Element. High level Evocation Spells often require it.

Sulfurous Ash
This pungent ash, created by violent volcanic disturbances, recalls the fiery and explosive energies of its origin. It is used in spells that create explosions, as well as any potent spells of the Fire or Lightning Elements. They're also commonly used in the summoning of creatures affiliated with the aforementioned elements.

Flint is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz, categorized as a variety of chert. It occurs chiefly as nodules and masses in sedimentary rocks, such as chalks and limestones. Inside the nodule, flint is usually dark grey, black, green, white or brown in colour, and often has a glassy or waxy appearance. It's required for advanced spells of the Fire Element as well as the element of Lightning.

Vial of Blood
The essence of life, reft from the body, serves as a reminder of mortality. It's often required for any spells that resurrect something or someone, or that serve to bind one being to another in some way. Furthermore, adept mages can use it to track the one whom the blood was taken from. High level Restoration and Evocation Spells often require it as well.

Wisp Oil
Although it must always be mixed with equal parts water, Wisp Oil is used exclusively in the production of magical potions. Potions of all natures and effects require Wisp Oil in order to trigger the magical properties of the potion's components when consumed. The only potions that do not require Wisp Oil are those that aren't meant to be consumed.

Mandrake Root
The powerful Mandrake inhabits the dimmest groves of dankest swamps. Once found, great care must be taken in uprooting it in order to keep the taproot intact, for the taproot is its locus of power. The exposed root is then carefully boiled and dried. Mandrake Root is used in spells involving strength, power and energy. It's also a necessary component in spells of the Nature and Sound Elements.

Grave Dust
Gathered from mausoleums, sarcophagi, and graves, Grave Dust is an essential element in the necromantic arts. Skilled alchemists are able to utilize Grave Dust to produce potions ideal for combat, which only react on impact or contact with mana to produce a variety of effects. It's also a common reagent in powerful spells of the Ice Element.

Ice Shard
Ice Shards are a unique reagent that may only be found in the far northern regions of the Lunarian territory. These shards differ from typical ice because they never melt until they've been used in a magical spell. For this reason, they've been widely harvested and exported throughout Sosaria, albeit at inflating prices. Ice Shards are required by the most powerful spells of the Ice Element.

Wraith Leaf
Wraith Leaves may only be found by slaying wraiths that may be found in a densely forested area, as wraiths in no other area drop them. Wraith Leaves are extremely potent in smell, but enable a caster to utilize powerful spells of the Darkness and Nature elements. It's often used to produce spells that combine the two elemental magics.

Namira's Rot
Namira's Rot is a special mushroom-like reagent that can be found only along the southern coast of the Lunarian Kingdom, as well as Winter's Keep. It's a powerful reagent, and is required in order to cast high level illusion spells. Additionally, it's commonly used in the Necromancy-related Restoration Spells.

Namira's Rot
Namira's Rot is a special mushroom-like reagent that can be found only along the southern coast of the Lunarian Kingdom, as well as Winter's Keep. It's a powerful reagent, and is required in order to cast high level illusion spells. Additionally, it's commonly used in the Necromancy-related Restoration Spells.

Basilisk's Eggs
Basilisk's Eggs may be found wherever there are basilisks. It's important to make use of them before they hatch, if you wish to use them for the purposes of magic, that is. Basilisk Eggs are oftentimes used in high level spells of the Water and Darkness Elements, as well as any high level spells related to poisons or curses.
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